Privacy Policy

Valley Programming is the maker of Just Be and the website.

In regards to your privacy on this website, we use Google Analytics to help us understand how people find our website. This means that when people come to this site, Google saves some information about your visit. We never get to see that raw data, and we have no interest in those low-level details. As mentioned, the only thing we’re interested in is how people come to our site, i.e., what search terms people used at search engines like to find our website, or whether someone linked to us and people are following that link. Information like that helps our marketing efforts. But other than that, this website does not store any information about you at all. This website doesn’t use any cookies, and it doesn’t have a database.

In regards to your privacy when using our app, Just Be does not track you in any way, shape, or form. In fact, Just Be does not even communicate on the internet! Everything it does happens on your local phone or tablet.